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Brad Reifler spent a good amount of time working his way to the top in the business world. He did everything that he could to make sure that he would one day get to a good place, and now he is where he has always wanted to be. He has founded his own company because of getting to the top, and he has become very respected through all of the years that he has been working. Not everyone is able to do as big of things as Brad Reifler has done in his career, and it is his ambition that has taken him so far.

Brad Reifler worked for many different companies through the years, and he learned a thing or two from each of the companies that he worked for. He learned how to be a good worker, and he eventually learned how to start up his own business. He founded Forefront Capital, LLC a half dozen years ago, and the company has been able to do many amazing things since then. Thanks to Brad Reifler’s wisdom it has really taken off, and it will be great to see all of the other amazing things he will do with his career now that he has made it to the top as Wikipedia shows.

Are you looking for a competent lawyer in Brazil? Wondering how to choose the best lawyer for your needs? Lawyers do more than provide legal information. If your legal problem is complex, you definitely need a good lawyer to handle the matter appropriately. Competent lawyers provide strategic advice and apply expert skills to legal problems.

Choosing a lawyer is like choosing any other professional. It is important to perform thorough research before choosing someone to represent you or advise you on a legal matter. Once you obtain several lawyer referrals with experience or expertise in the practice area you need help in, you should carefully check out each candidate.

Consult with potential lawyers. You will want to assess each lawyer’s legal ability, so set up an appointment to interview the lawyer. Usually, there is no charge for an initial consultation. A few important issues you will need to discuss during this consultation include: the lawyer’s experience in your type of case, how long he or she has been in practice, the lawyer’s track record of success, and the lawyer’s special skills or certifications.

It is also necessary to discuss legal fees. You want to know what fee structure applies in your case, as well how you’re going to be billed. There are hourly fee structures, and there are flat fees structures. It is preferable to go with a flat fee arrangement, in most cases. Discuss with your lawyer, and make sure you choose the right arrangement for your situation.

Before you even sign a retainer or any other document, be sure that you read and understand what it says. Take the time to review the contract or retainer agreement and ask questions if there is anything you do not understand. Terms and conditions of service can be difficult to understand sometimes. If you have a difficult time understanding any statement on the retainer, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. This will help prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.

Once you have a hired a competent law firm or lawyer, you can rest assured that your legal problem will be resolved effectively. When it comes to choosing a competent lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes highly recommended in the Brazilian legal community. He is famous for his litigation strategies and track record of winning high profile cases. As a prominent litigation expert, Ricardo Tosto has represented many of Brazil’s largest companies and corporations. Mr Ricardo Tosto has earned a high status in the Brazilian legal system, and he runs his own highly successful law offices in Brazil.

Gold is considered the best form of investment in comparison with all other precious metals. Investors buy gold in order to diversify risks. After the start of the Eurozone crisis, Chinese investors in 2011 began to look into gold as an avenue of investment as an alternative to investing in the Euro. The gold market, like any other market, features speculation and volatility. Historically, gold has been used as money. Gold has also been used as a measure of the standard for currency value in various regions and countries.

The price of gold, like any other product, is influenced by forces of demand and supply. However, saving and disposal play a greater role in affecting the price than consumption. The Central Bank and IMF play a major role in gold price. The price of gold is more or less determined by interest rates. An increase in the interest rates causes the price of gold to fall since gold earns no interest. A decrease in interest rates leads to the rise in the price of gold. Due to this, the price of gold is closely correlated to central banks’ interest rates that arise from their monetary policy decisions. The investment vehicles available to gold investment are listed below.

The most traditional method used in gold investment is buying of bullion gold bars. In countries like as Switzerland and Canada, trading in bullion bars takes place in major banks. There are also other dealers buy and sell the bullion bars. The bars come in various sizes.

Gold coins are also a common way of making an investment in gold. The price of Bullion coins is derived the fine weight. A small premium is added to the price that is derived from demand and supply. The size of the coins varies.

Gold certificates are also used for investment and help the investor to avoid risks and costs that arise from the transfer or movement and storage of bullion, e.g. theft, by being issued with another set of risks and costs that arise from the certificate itself, e.g. commissions.

The US Money Reserves is among the largest distributors of US Government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The coins are produced the US mint and are backed up fully by the US government. Since its inception, the company has shipped more than 1 million coins and offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on its certified coins.

Day trading has become wildly popular thanks to the arrival of so many outstanding online trading platforms. People who never previously could access the market for day trades can now do so. Exclusively dealing with a broker on the phone is a thing of the past. Again, online software “robots” provide a better and more direct strategy.

While all this is fine, access to day trading does not automatically mean trading is advisable. The profit potential associated with day trading is enormous. This is what attracts people to trading. Forex, stocks, commodities, and other assets could lead massive profits with the right trade. People have amassed millions due to making smart trades. This, however, is not a blanket endorsement for day trading.

The trouble with day trading is not exactly hard to figure out. The risks are enormously high. Easy access to day trading software is definitely a positive technology advancement. Having access to the market does not mean the person with access is actually able to make the right trades.

Only those who have sufficient knowledge about day trading should jump right into the process. Most definitely, only those willing to accept a lot of risk should day trade.

Not everyone has the same experience as those who work for Madison Street Capital. The professionals who work for Madison Street Capital provide advice to major corporations and small businesses to better explore financial strategies. Whether or not Madison Street Capital would advise an entrepreneur on day trading has to examined on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals have to look at their own personal goals when it comes to how they put their money to work. Those interested in modest gains over time may find traditional investments to be better. Anyone interested in high risk, more dynamic vehicles, day trading might be worth investigating.

Social networking is become a bigger and bigger part of American life. There are thousands of people making unique connections with one another on a daily basis. There are hundreds of wonderful social networking apps and sites that are allowing people to make connections with one another while they are traveling, but one app is giving users an opportunity to connect with the locals.
Skout is a unique and exciting app. This app was originally designed to allow users to connect with other people in order to expand their social circle. The app started several years ago, and for years it grew at a rather stagnant rate. Last year, Skout decided to introduce a travel feature. Since the introduction of this travel feature, 10 million unique users have utilized this app in order to take virtual journeys. These journeys give you a sense of the area you are visiting, by utilizing the help of various locals.
While it may seem strange to take a virtual tour of an area, many young people are utilizing Skout to see the world from wherever they are. Many young people are even turning these virtual trips into an opportunity to travel to the actual location. They are meeting the people they run into on the app. These encounters give people the opportunity to connect with one another in real life.
Skout originally chose to introduce the travel feature for two different reasons. The first purpose of this app is to help users make friends in different cities around the world. This is meant to be a wonderful opportunity for those that love to make new friends. The second purpose of Skout is to allow people to make friends in cities that they are choosing to travel too. It can often allow people to meet the friends necessary to enjoy the city they are visiting. While in the past people might feel lost when they arrive at the city they are traveling too, Skout allows people the opportunity to make new and exciting friends, and thus have a great deal of friends inside of the city.
According to the leadership at Skout on skoutshop, the company has been extremely successful at both missions. Skout’s chief executive, Christian Wiklund, stated that Skout is not exclusively a travel app, but they are extremely proud of the fact that the app has helped millions of people around the world connect with one another.
Skout is available on several different platforms. Those that utilize an iOS device can get the app from the Apple App Store. Those that utilize an Android device, could get the app from the Google Play Store. By being available on both of the two major mobile platforms, Skout has been able to allow people throughout the world to make connections to one another.
The world of social networking has rapidly expanded in the last twenty years. People around the world are flocking to high profile apps, like Skout, so that they can enjoy making connections with one another.

There is a growing dilemma for middle-class investors in America. With the ever-changing financial markets, as well as a great deal of investor uncertainty, where does the middle-class put their hard-earned money? The question is a legitimate one considering the value of the dollar decreasing, and other aspects of the American economy making it more difficult to find truly profitable investments. With financial uncertainty constantly around the corner, where can investors safely put their finances?

The dilemma has not gone unnoticed by the companies and individuals providing financial investments. Many more complex financial opportunities were usually relegated to a certain class of financial individual. It was understood that investors that were specifically defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission can only invest in any specified investment, and that individuals that were out of the specified financial range by the SEC could not. But certain investors have found loopholes in those particular requirements, and now are offering those more sophisticated investment vehicles to middle-class investors.

Forefront Capital, an investment firm run by CEO Brad Reifler has created a series of investment opportunities for middle-class investors looking to take advantage of the distinct opportunities investing in upper-class opportunities has. With these new plans, investors can put in as little as $2500, and yet still receive the same sort of investment opportunities that more upscale investors have been afforded over the years. This is a breakthrough for those wanting to finally get onto the ground floor of the types of opportunities that larger investors and corporate interests have been privy to.

Reifler currently operates both Forefront Capital and Sino Mercury Company, and currently works for his own firm, Reifler Trading, as well as Refco. With his unique background and experience, he has discovered through the various laws and regulations of the SEC excellent opportunities for a new class of investment for individuals to partake in. These various investment opportunities offer low risk, high yield investment opportunities for would-be investors.

While the opportunities for regular people to invest in complex financial interest are on the wane, other brokerage houses and firms see it as opportunity to service investors and opportunities that up until now were not afforded to them. Reifler and Forefront Capital’s offerings give ordinary investors a chance to invest in stable financial products that have the potential for years of higher yields and returns.

Beauty products are really popular these days, especially among females. The FDA, which is the Food and Drug Administration, says cosmetics is something that is used on the body for cleansing, promoting attractiveness, and for beautification. Cosmetics comes from the Greek word “kosmetikē tekhnē” which means technique of dress and ornament.The Ancient Egyptians used to make a red dye and lipstick. When Ancient Egyptians tombs were dugout,people found a lot of beauty products in the tombs such as castor oil, skin creams made out of olive oil, beeswax, and rose water. They even used Vaseline and Lanolin. The Ancient Romans also used cosmetics.Beauty products today are seen in stores across the world. You can easily get lotions, perfumes, powders, lipstick, facial makeup, colored contact lenses, hair sprays ,gel, bath oils, and skin care cream. These are just to name a few. There are many types of cosmetics to buy for your own use.Every cosmetic is used for different purposes. Primer is supposed to prolong the length of time the makeup stays on your skin.You are supposed to add primer to your face before foundation. Lipstick, lip liner, and lip balm is supposed to add color to your lips.Lipsticks and lip balm have a wide range of colors and different finishes. Some lipsticks are waterproof and they come with a applicator brush. Lip balms are different from lipsticks because they are used to moisturize and protect your lips. Concealer is a beauty product that you use when you want to cover your imperfections on your skin. You can use it to cover dark circles under your eyes and/or blemishes.Concealer should be applied over your foundation and it can be long lasting.
Lime Crime is a very popular on DOLLSKILL.COM their line of beauty products that is used around the world today. Over the years, many people have had many positive things to say about Lime Crime. They have a variety of lipsticks. What makes Lime Crime so popular is not only its variety, but also its different shades and glitter.They are $16 and have colors such as pink, purple,blue, black and orange. The names of Lime Crimes lipsticks are : Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac,Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket,No She Didn’t ,Retrofuturist, and Styletto. Overall, the lipsticks are very bright and colorful. They all have a customized design and a unique look to each of them. For girls that are into bright colors that will make you stand out, Lime Crime is a good makeup brand to look at. Their cosmetics really stands out from the rest.Lime Crime is known for the very high pigmentation in the variety of colors. Lime Crime is also known for the non-drying texture of the lipsticks.A cosmetics company that has excellent customer service is hard to find. Lime Crime has a record of superb customer service. They also have a no questions asked return policy .That is why Lime Crime is very popular on a global scale. They have many happy customers.

FreedomPop has begun to expand outside of the US and into Europe. The company is notable for disrupting major mobile phone carriers such as AT&T and Sprint by offering customers a completely free plan for smartphones. Under the company’s free plan a person gets 200 minutes of call time, 200 MB of data for surfing and browsing, and 200 text messages at no charge.

Its free plan has been a hit in the United States and the company has garnered over 600,000 registered users. Now the company is expanding into new market segments such as the UK. Fortune.com free mobile service in the UK was announced this summer and the company began contacting interested parties in the middle of September. “Alpha testing” is currently being done by the company through a group of people who are interested in trying out FreedomPop during a trial period. This testing will provide FreedomPop with valuable feedback that it can use to adjust its services and products to better suit the UK market. The company is planning to officially launch its services in the United Kingdom towards the end of the year once alpha testing has been completed.

FreedomPop has already divulged what plans will be available to customers in the UK. Its most popular free service will be available as well as two premium services. The premium plans will cost extra but come with extra features and additional data. A 1 GB premium plan costs an additional $13 dollars and offers voicemail, 1000 messages and 1 gigabyte of data. The 2 GB premium plan costs $18 dollars per month and gives a user 2G of data and an unrestricted amount of call time and text messages. If a user goes over his allotted data limit, FreedomPop does not levy a penalty. Instead it charges 1 penny for each megabyte of data that is over the limit. A rollover data plan is also being offered at a cost of $3 per month. It would allow a person to keep up to 500 megabytes of unused data and use it a later month, with a storage limit of 20 giga bytes.

FreedomPop has contracted with Three Network to provide its data, calling and messaging service and has stated a second network partner could be on the way. The company is also planning on beginning sales of low cost smartphones to consumers towards the end of the year. More markets in Europe are on the horizon for FreedomPop and the UK could be a jumping off point for expansion into the European market. The original article on FreedomPop’s expansion into the UK was published on Digital Trends and can be read in full there.

Now more than ever, women are breaking customs and taboos that businesses are a man thing. They are not only going for the top executive positions in multi-national companies that have for long been a preserve of the many. They have also ventured into the business world and are already making it big.
They are into service and some in the manufacturing industry. For the longest time ever, the business world had been left for men while women were confined to supervisory roles and other low paying jobs. However, more and more women are coming out determined to break away from these inferiority complex standards to financial freedom.
For those willing to start, here are some few points you might want to look at before you take that leap to success:
Formulate a good business plan
For any business to take off, it must first be well thought off and carefully planned. A good plan allows you to identify the business strengths so you can maximize on them and weaknesses that you may improve on them. Another thing one should consider is following their passion.
Establish networks
Once you have started your business, start creating networks with your suppliers and customers. This makes your marketing and customer satisfaction easy.

Be hard working
They must be willing to get out of their comfort zone and spend more constructive time on their business. Planning on what new level they want to see their business reach and how to get there
A perfect example of a woman that has succeeded both in her career and in business is Susan McGalla. She is the founder of a consultancy firm in Pittsburg that offers financial advice to other businesses. Prior to these, Susan was the CEO of West Seal Inc. and the first female president of American Eagle Outfitters. She has been able to balance all these while a while a family woman married and with two children. She is an illustration of what a hardworking woman can achieve.
Be confident
What makes most women engineered businesses fail is lack of confidence. These women don’t understand that, with competition comes criticism and this is where they fail. They are less confident when they are criticized and this will most of the times be interpreted as incapability.
Have a good mentor
Another thing a women entrepreneur should consider having is a good mentor. A mentor readies the woman on what business challenges lay ahead and how to handle them.
Be patient and assertive
With this done, a woman should realize that one cannot turn an idea to a multi-billion project or a multi-national corporation overnight, it requires patience to grow. They should also be ready to learn from those who have already made it by attending seminars and researching widely.


To the uninitiated, the question of who is Brian Mulligan often leads to the question, “Brian who?” This response is indicative of the career of a man who has striven to success with humility and drive. These two disparate characteristics are often self-exclusive in the world of business but have contributed to a success that is both unusual and exemplary.

Focus and drive became apparent as his key features when he entered the University of Southern California, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and immediately followed that considerable accomplishment with an MBA from the same University. Armed with a considerable education, Brian helped found the Entertainment Practice Unit and became its Senior Manager. After nearly six years he moved on to MCA Incorporated and worked as its Senior Vice President of Finance and Controller where he stayed for six more years, learning the ropes of the finance industry through hard personal experience. It was in these two positions where Brian reaffirmed his belief that the world is always changing and the successful are those who adapt to those changes.

Over a thirty-year period, Brian Mulligan has held nearly every position in the media/entertainment business. His expertise is sought by Universities and enterprises alike. Often Brian has worked with small corporations to set up their program for success.

Over the years, Brian has become a multi-faceted individual that takes on projects that other executives reject. Currently, his role as CEO of Brooknol Advisors, an advisory corporation in Sports, Media, and Entertainment allows him the freedom to act within the whole community of Los Angeles. Known for his quick wit and his drive to teach the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, Brian has become a sought out commodity in the philanthropic community as well. Brian’s involvement in the “A Better LA” project was instrumental in raising over $90 million for Los Angeles schools. He has also worked at the foundation level of society, contributing that most elusive of elements—time—to the coaching of football and basketball to kids. Brian believes so intensely in the concept of adaptability that he teaches these kids to not accept defeat, but to adapt to it and change it to make defeat a lesson toward success.

Without the influence of persons like Brian Mulligan, the community of Los Angeles would be a different world. His drive to succeed with humility is contagious to all who work with him and to all who experience his touch.