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Eucatex Is A Company That Keeps The Bar High

Eucatex Is A Company That Keeps The Bar High

Eucatex is a very unique company with a very rich history. The president of text name is Flavio Maluf . He has been in charge of the company for some 10 years. He was able to take over the presidency of the company from his uncle, and the company Eucatex has been in his family for many generations. Flavio went to the New York University, and he finished his bachelors degrees in mechanical engineering at University in Brazil. Flavio Maluf has taken his company to new heights, because he was able to introduce modernize Eucatex, and keep the company at the same live.

Eucatex is a company that was established in 1951. It was one of the first countries in in the Americas that was already trying to incorporate the environment into the production of their materials. Eucatex was using eucalyptus as their main raw ingredients in order to produce things like ceiling panels and tiles when the company first started. The company went on to establish different businesses in different countries such as Argentina, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, the United States and Mexico. Apart from just ceiling tiles and panels Eucatex also went on to expand to produce things such as paints of many different colors.

By the end of the 1980s Eucatex was exporting products to more than 50 different countries and their production was split into the categories of mineral, metal, wood, and forestry. Eucatex also began to develop and create its own laboratories in order to have their very own professional line of varnishes and paint. Eucatex is unique in the fact that it is the first company in the sector of Brazil to receive the certification ISO 9001. Eucatex has recently celebrated its 60th birthday and they are still exporting to countries all around the world.