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Sam Tabar Looks to Improve the World

Sam Tabar Looks to Improve the World

Giving back to the community is important for many people around the world. Helping out others in need is part of human nature. Of course, some people have more assets at their disposal, which allows them to have a greater impact, but it shouldn’t ever reduce the drive average citizens have to help their fellow man. Instead, they should use it as inspiration. Sam Tabar, a New York based attorney, has done well for himself. He is a high-end lawyer who works with some of the largest financial clients in the city. With this kind of exposure, it also allows him to bring in a nice paycheck at the end of the week. However, he doesn’t just let this money go to waste or go to his head. Instead, he makes sure it goes to good use and, like so many people before him and like so many will do after him, he is paying it forward by giving back in a very big way.

People all over the world need help. There isn’t anyone who would really argue this point. From the United States to China, South Africa to Argentina, there are people everywhere in need of assistance and the good faith individuals with money can provide. Many of these people in need require assistance in areas most people in the United States wouldn’t even think twice about. Off the top it might seem so simple, yet in the lives of these individuals, it can be the difference between making enough money to survive, and going without food for a day or longer.

Yahoo Finance has covered before that THINX is a company looking to help women in third world nations around the world. In these nations, the poorest of the poor often do everything in their power to better themselves. However, it brings in very little in terms of money, which requires both a husband and wife to work when possible. All of the money goes towards food and helping the family, which means when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle, they are unable to purchase hygiene products. These are simply too expensive to be used and thrown away. THINX creates a washable, reusable pad that allows women to still go to work and go to school, which is something they would normally miss out on because of their menstruation. It might not seem like much to many people in first world countries, but for those women who do not have the money to have access to these things, it can be the difference between going to school, obtaining an education and helping improve the lives of their families. All of this is possible with a little help from Sam Taber and THINX.