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The leadership of James Dondero plays an important role in the success of Highland Capital Management

The leadership of James Dondero plays an important role in the success of Highland Capital Management

It is often said the best businesses are operated under astute and informed leaders who can adapt to the latest trends and situations they find themselves in. Within the financial industry the strength of a leader is often seen as one of the most important aspects of any company, which means individuals like James Dondero of Highland Capital Management can inspire investors to seek out their company for investment. This has been the case at Highland Capital Management, where the company has seen consistent growth throughout the more than two decades it has been in operation for seeking out the best options for investors into the company.

Dondero established Highland Capital Management in the financial heart of Dallas, Texas in 1993 and quickly came to the forefront of the financial world of both Texas and the US. After establishing the company the large number of investors continued to grow over the years until Highland Capital Management now manages over $20 billion in assets. Much of this growth has come from the trust of investors who have seen the success James Dondero achieved earlier in his career as the manager of a fund worth more than $1 billion for American Express. The knowledge that a company as large and respected as American Express were willing to place their faith and trust in Dondero meant Highland Capital Management started life with an added amount of trust when compared to its competitors.

James Dondero has not simply sat back and rested upon the laurels of his success with Highland Capital Management, instead he has sought new challenges that have opened doors for both himself and the company he founded. Growing Highland Capital Management from a startup to overseeing $2 billion in investments in just five years attracted the interest of major corporations like MGM Studios. Dondero now sits on the board of MGM and a number of other companies, which allows him the chance to view different business practices and make sure Highland Capital Management moves in new areas and directions that will only benefit the company in the long term. James Dondero continues to grow the company to new levels of success and strength as it has moved out to operate offices in London, New York and Singapore.