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Brian Bonar: Entrepreneur And Finance Maven

Brian Bonar: Entrepreneur And Finance Maven

Brian Bonar is a wiz when it comes to business finance. After earning an MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies from England’s Stafford University, he dove into the world of business and made an immediate splash. Bonar began by working with IBM in Europe for 18 years. Then he crossed the pond and took a position as director of engineering at QMS where he managed engineers working on software and hardware development. He then moved on to the Rastek Corporation where he became vice president of sales and marketing involved in printing technology sales worldwide.
Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

But that was just the beginning. He next went on to become sales manager for Adaptec where his role was to connect with a develop relationships with the major printer manufacturers in Korea and Japan. He followed that with a stint as CEO and Founder of Bezier Systems and launched the industry’s first SCSI based printer. After a little more than a year at Bezier, Bonar took a position with itec imaging technologies as vice president sales and marketing. The position required him to court printer manufacturers from Japan and Korea and establish relationships with them.

Four years later, Bonar left ITEC and became CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services where he is in charge of management and sales strategy. While holding the position at Dalrada Financial, he first become founder and managing member of AMS Outsourcing and two years later added the role of president of Allegiant Professional Business Services to his already busy schedule. At Allegiant Bonar handled sales, marketing, and insurance products. Boner left Allegiant in December, 2010 and 6 months later became Chairman and CEO of Trucept an insurance products and services and temporary staffing company in San Diego, CA.

Brian Bonar’s expertise in finance is part of the reason he has been pursued by so many companies. Plus he has a variety of other skills that are in great demand for start-ups, established companies, and those looking for ways to grow, improve their performance, and find and retain top quality employees. His range of skills included
turn around management, process improvement, restructuring, lead generation, marketing strategy, employee relations, sourcing, recruiting, private equity, mergers & acquisitions, new business development, venture capital, sales, and start-ups.

The importance of experienced finance personnel to new and growing businesses cannot be overstated. From planning, to day to day operations, and future expenditures, an in-depth knowledge of finance is essential for the success of any business. This is what makes people like Brian Bonar invaluable to any business. He’s shown he can play whatever role they need him to play. His talent and versatility continues to make him an asset to any company.