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Dan Newlin-Florida’s Personal Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin-Florida’s Personal Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is a prominent personal injury lawyer based in Florida and he along with his team are dedicated on helping out victims by fighting for their rights as well as recovering their personal injury losses.

For many years, Newlin and his staff have helped dozens of victims win their accident cases and recovered more than 150 million dollars for them. On the website victims have posted their success stories and even thanked Newlin as well as his team for helping them win their cases.

Newlin appreciates it when an accident victim calls him for his help. If you happen to reside in either the Florida or Chicago area and need to contact a law firm, then Dan Newlin & Partners is the right one to go to.

The firm has won many accident cases and there is no fee to pay unless they win the case for you. For a free case review, all you have to do is fill out a simple query on their website stating your case and you will get a quick response just like that.

Areas of practice

The firm specializes in the following cases below….

Social security disability
Car and truck accidents
Slip and fall
Family law
Birth injuries
Medical malpractice
Brain and spine injuries
Cerebral palsy

They also specialize in wrongful death suits, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, airbag malfunctions, DUI accidents and much more.

Contact information

You can contact the firm by sending an email inquiry or by calling any of the phone numbers that they have listed on their website. They also feature an online chat where you can communicate with one of their representatives as well.

For more information about Dan Newlin, visit his firm’s website at www.newlinlaw.com.