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According to the news website nj.com, basketball legend Shaquille ONeal returned to Newark, his hometown to co-host a 3-on-3 basketball tournament on Broad Street, just in front of City Hall. Despite leaving the city for his basketball career, the star player has been actively involved in his hometown affairs. In 2012, in conjunction with the Brunswick-based Boraie Development LLC, ONeal was instrumental in the opening of Cityplex Movie Theater. In 2013, Shaquille, again in partnership with Boraie broke ground on The Aspire New Brunswick. This is the first high-rise development in Newark in half a century.
The Aspire New Brunswick, a 17-story high rise features 238 spacious luxury units. These are either One-bedroom and Two-bedroom apartments or well-appointed studios. This development will ensure New Jersey residents enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. Residents will be treated to unparalleled amenities like central New Jerseys most vibrant restaurant. An on-site maintenance and management as well as doorman services, 24 hours a day are some of the services to be enjoyed by the residents. There is also direct elevator service from the garage to the lobby.
These residences are built with a variety of the designs as well as the finishes. Some units feature 9- to 10-foot ceilings, private terraces as well as balconies. Hardwood floors characterize the living areas, wall-to-wall carpeting is done in the bedrooms as well as having oversized windows overlooking the downtown. These are features that are employed in all the units.
Boraie development has been in existence for over three years. Perhaps their long stay in the real estate industry is what convinced Mr. ONeal to partner with them. Or could it be the fact that they have developed over a million square feet of property in New Jersey, both commercial and residential? That is a detail we may never find out but what we know for sure is Boraie Development have what it takes to deliver. Over the decades, Boraie Development has been instrumental in enhancing urban communities in New Jersey. Building and redevelopment are just part of their rich portfolio which also includes property management services with regards to accounting, leasing as well as maintenance.


Eucatex is a very unique company with a very rich history. The president of text name is Flavio Maluf . He has been in charge of the company for some 10 years. He was able to take over the presidency of the company from his uncle, and the company Eucatex has been in his family for many generations. Flavio went to the New York University, and he finished his bachelors degrees in mechanical engineering at University in Brazil. Flavio Maluf has taken his company to new heights, because he was able to introduce modernize Eucatex, and keep the company at the same live.

Eucatex is a company that was established in 1951. It was one of the first countries in in the Americas that was already trying to incorporate the environment into the production of their materials. Eucatex was using eucalyptus as their main raw ingredients in order to produce things like ceiling panels and tiles when the company first started. The company went on to establish different businesses in different countries such as Argentina, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, the United States and Mexico. Apart from just ceiling tiles and panels Eucatex also went on to expand to produce things such as paints of many different colors.

By the end of the 1980s Eucatex was exporting products to more than 50 different countries and their production was split into the categories of mineral, metal, wood, and forestry. Eucatex also began to develop and create its own laboratories in order to have their very own professional line of varnishes and paint. Eucatex is unique in the fact that it is the first company in the sector of Brazil to receive the certification ISO 9001. Eucatex has recently celebrated its 60th birthday and they are still exporting to countries all around the world.

The Company that Delivers Innovation
Computer Science Corporation is a company that leads in information technology. The mission is very clear and concise. This is a company that strives to ensure that each client has exceptional returns on technology investments. This is accomplished through great solutions, global scale, and domain expertise. This is a trustworthy company that has the ability to solve some of the biggest challenges. The challenges that will be solved through this corporation include those technically complex issues and mission-critical challenges. This corporation is one that truly has the ability to deliver exceptional innovation.

Excellence is the Only Option
This corporation will only accept excellence in everything that they do for each and every client. The leaders within this industry lead with integrity and a high set of standards for the services that they provide for clients. Computer Science Corporation has sent the message loud and clear that excellence is the one and only option that they have to offer.

Years of Experience to Offer
CSC can offer over 50 years of experience to offer each and every client. This corporation started in the year 1959. Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones had 100 dollars when they started this company up. They have five decades of success to prove that they indeed have your solutions available and they are more than qualified to serve
every client.

The Interesting Beginnings
When this corporation began in 1958, there were less than 4000 computers in the world at that time. The manufacturers hardly ever included software. The two founders were computer analysts who had worked in the aerospace industry. They both saw a big opportunity for a different and new type of business. They opted to provide computer manufacturers with highly complex programs. This included:
*operating systems
They had the goal to make it less complicated to use the computers. They had intended to expand the potential markets for the products. The interesting beginnings of this company had led to very definite goals that would benefit the entire world.

Eric Pulier has changed the World Greatly
Eric Pulier is an extraordinary human being who has a passion for technology. The technology is tied in with the following concerns of our world. This includes:
*health care
*any other cause that may benefit with the use of technology
Mr. Pulier is the founder of the company People Doing Things. This is a person who should be honored for his contributions with the use of technology. He also holds the belief that innovation and technology will lead to great strides within our world. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

Giving back to the community is important for many people around the world. Helping out others in need is part of human nature. Of course, some people have more assets at their disposal, which allows them to have a greater impact, but it shouldn’t ever reduce the drive average citizens have to help their fellow man. Instead, they should use it as inspiration. Sam Tabar, a New York based attorney, has done well for himself. He is a high-end lawyer who works with some of the largest financial clients in the city. With this kind of exposure, it also allows him to bring in a nice paycheck at the end of the week. However, he doesn’t just let this money go to waste or go to his head. Instead, he makes sure it goes to good use and, like so many people before him and like so many will do after him, he is paying it forward by giving back in a very big way.

People all over the world need help. There isn’t anyone who would really argue this point. From the United States to China, South Africa to Argentina, there are people everywhere in need of assistance and the good faith individuals with money can provide. Many of these people in need require assistance in areas most people in the United States wouldn’t even think twice about. Off the top it might seem so simple, yet in the lives of these individuals, it can be the difference between making enough money to survive, and going without food for a day or longer.

Yahoo Finance has covered before that THINX is a company looking to help women in third world nations around the world. In these nations, the poorest of the poor often do everything in their power to better themselves. However, it brings in very little in terms of money, which requires both a husband and wife to work when possible. All of the money goes towards food and helping the family, which means when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle, they are unable to purchase hygiene products. These are simply too expensive to be used and thrown away. THINX creates a washable, reusable pad that allows women to still go to work and go to school, which is something they would normally miss out on because of their menstruation. It might not seem like much to many people in first world countries, but for those women who do not have the money to have access to these things, it can be the difference between going to school, obtaining an education and helping improve the lives of their families. All of this is possible with a little help from Sam Taber and THINX.

Investment banking and bankers in general have been looked at in a less than favorable light, especially since the recession. However, they are very valuable in society. After all, corporations of all sizes need companies to manage their money. One thing to consider is that banks of all types are responsible for the funding of ideas that improve the lives of individuals. For those that are interested in working in an investment bank, there re plenty of jobs that one could look at in order to enter the world of investment banking.

One type of job that is common for people that are starting in an investment bank is an analyst position. However, it requires a lot of dedication and skills in spread sheets. He must also be fluid in analytical matters. This job eventually leads to the position of associate. While these skills are pretty much the same, there is an increase in volume. These are the types of jobs to start off with when it comes to being an investment banker. While they don’t seem all that glamorous, one can reach a top position in the bank if one is diligent and dedicated enough.

One of the top positions is president. Jim Dondero himself is president of his investment bank. He is also Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He cna work with people and provide advice to those that are looking to own a bank based on his experience. James Dondero has worked closely with finances all throughout his career. He is also successful with the management of $billions of dollars working with companies like American Express. He has proven himself to be trustworthy. He has also put together a trustworthy investment bank.

Getting a job in an investment bank is very hard. The work is even harder. However, it is also rewarding. One must have different talents and skills at math. Skills at accounting are also highly valued in investment firms. One would also have to be a good trader in order to have a chance at working in investment banking. When it comes to investment banking, one would do well to develop as many skills in related areas as he can so that he can have an edge in getting work.

According to his Vizualize.me profile Kevin Seawright is one of the great minds in the business world and his reputation has surpassed his locational boundaries to reach the ends of the world. He is a financial expert with a good reputation in the industry and a wealth of experience. He has been rising up the ranks in this industry and today he heads the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the vice president. He is not only the vice president at NCEDC, but also the Chief Financial Officer. His experience is also drawn from the three years, 2011-2013 when he served as the vice president of operations and human resource in a different company.

The NCEDC was very excited to announce the appointment of Seawright as the new Chief Financial Officer. The company was very adamant that the skills, expertise, and experience that Seawright was bringing into the organization was crucial and it was going to guarantee financial growth in both the short-term and the long-term goals. He is an experiences capital manager and this is what NCEDC has on its strategic plans. The organization seeks to exploit Seawright’s skills and experience in the said field in order to foster growth and economic stability for posterity measures. Definitely, NCEDC have made the right choice by appointing Seawright based on his experience and expertise.

The company is based in America and it came into full operation in the year 2007. The NCEDC grew so fast and it was dealing in different aspects in the business spectrum until in 2014 when the organization reorganized its operations. It was after this major reorganization that the company changed its focus from the many areas of operation to concentrate majorly on business and mostly on small business enterprises. This was a great move considering the volatile economic environment that the world is experiencing.

NCEDC has been a major player in the efforts to establish economic pillars in Newark. The company has been very instrumental in support the real estate market that has seen Newark’s economy grow in a double digits measure over the last few years. The organization is actually a business development company that has been working hand in hand with investors to maximize on the business opportunities in Newark. Its success in doing so has actually promoted Newark as the nest great investment hub hence attracting investors from far and wide and at the same time stabilizing Newark’s economic strength.

Citadel LLC is a global financial institution that is world renowned. This company was founded in 1990 and it is one of the worlds biggest alternative asset managers to ever have existed. Only 3% of hedge funds have been in existence for more than 20 years and Citadel is among the 3%. Citadel LLC has management over the largest institutional investors in the entire world. Citadel’s headquarters are located in Chicago and it has over 1300 employees. Apart from its main headquarters in Chicago Citadel LLC also has many are other offices that are in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Citadel has more than $25 billion in its capital and it is one of the largest hedge fund manager in the entire world. Citadel not only deals with hedge funds, but it deals with securities and technologies as well.

Ken Griffin was the founder of Citadel, he was born in 1968 in Daytona Beach Florida Griffin began investing in his first year of Harvard, he began to invest because he would read Forbes magazine and he realized that investing was a great way to earn capital. In his sophomore year at Harvard he started to focus on investing in hedge funds. He was able to get money from family and friends and his capital was able to do well even during the stock market crash of 1987. He had much success early on in his life, and that helped him even after graduation in 1989. Griffin graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics. He was an excellent student and he graduated with honors.

Griffin was able to start citadel with $4.6 million, and now Citadel is said to be worth over $25 billion. The net worth of Griffin alone is about $6.6 billion, and he was able to take 50 million and give it as a donation to Harvard University. Griffin was known as one of the 100 most influential people in the world of finance, and that is very true. He was single-handedly able to start a business that was worth billions of dollars. Citadel has received a top 10 greatest workplaces in financial services by the Institute of Great Places to Work. Kenneth Griffin was able to create a place that not only excelled financially, but also a company that has amazing work satisfaction. Truly Citadel is a remarkable company, and Kenneth Griffin is a is an amazing entrepreneur.

It is often said the best businesses are operated under astute and informed leaders who can adapt to the latest trends and situations they find themselves in. Within the financial industry the strength of a leader is often seen as one of the most important aspects of any company, which means individuals like James Dondero of Highland Capital Management can inspire investors to seek out their company for investment. This has been the case at Highland Capital Management, where the company has seen consistent growth throughout the more than two decades it has been in operation for seeking out the best options for investors into the company.

Dondero established Highland Capital Management in the financial heart of Dallas, Texas in 1993 and quickly came to the forefront of the financial world of both Texas and the US. After establishing the company the large number of investors continued to grow over the years until Highland Capital Management now manages over $20 billion in assets. Much of this growth has come from the trust of investors who have seen the success James Dondero achieved earlier in his career as the manager of a fund worth more than $1 billion for American Express. The knowledge that a company as large and respected as American Express were willing to place their faith and trust in Dondero meant Highland Capital Management started life with an added amount of trust when compared to its competitors.

James Dondero has not simply sat back and rested upon the laurels of his success with Highland Capital Management, instead he has sought new challenges that have opened doors for both himself and the company he founded. Growing Highland Capital Management from a startup to overseeing $2 billion in investments in just five years attracted the interest of major corporations like MGM Studios. Dondero now sits on the board of MGM and a number of other companies, which allows him the chance to view different business practices and make sure Highland Capital Management moves in new areas and directions that will only benefit the company in the long term. James Dondero continues to grow the company to new levels of success and strength as it has moved out to operate offices in London, New York and Singapore.

Lionel Messi is a global character known worldwide for his prowess on the football pitch. In addition to this, his philanthropic works to the less fortunate and under privileged in society has been a highlight for many across the world. However, the star received massive criticism over his latest Gabonese trip by the Human Rights Foundation. The criticism has been based on the alleged fact that Messi through his visit was supporting the dictatorship in the country and this reflected negatively on the efforts to have the country move forward and achieve a democratic system of governance. The Argentine is considered to be one of the best footballers in the world and has won all the major titles there are to be won in the world of football.

Gabon has been selected to host the African Cup of Nations in the year 2017. Messi visited the country and met the president, Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba who took him on an exclusive tour of the capital city of Libreville. The Human Rights Foundation through its official website expressed dismay that a star of such global influence can be part of a regime that has continuously suppressed the rule of law and one that has failed to honor the basic human right issues. Through the president’s actions, the citizens in the country continue to suffer. The actions of Messi amounted to undermining the credibility of the philanthropic works which he had worked to establish for a long time. The official website here http://humanrightsfoundation.org/news/hrf-condemns-lionel-messis-hypocritical-celebration-of-gabons-dictator-00449?news/hrf-condemns-lionel-messi8217s-hypocritical-celebration-of-gabon8217s-dictator-00449 goes on to state the huge drawback that the actions have caused not only the citizens of Gabon, but to human right advocates across the world.

I have read the article which criticizes Messi for going against his ambassadorial duties as a UNICEF children ambassador and supporting a government that has persistently murdered children and put in place other measures that have increasingly made it hard for children to access basic and higher education. The Human Rights Foundation even went further to criticize the way the trip had been made in the absence and exclusion of the Human Rights Organization. This was a major criticism that has gained wide and international coverage and goes on to show the impact that a celebrated individual has in issues that affect wide audiences. It is a criticism that will definitely have a massive influence on how the nation continues with the preparations for the event.

Messi has returned to the Barcelona training camp and is expected to continue being an influential figure as the Catalan club look forward to another season. Neither he nor his public relations team has issued any statement concerning the criticism by the Human Rights Foundation.


Andy Wirth, the president and CEO of Squaw Valley is on a mission to both raise much-needed funds and awareness to help out a cause dear to his heart: the Navy Seals Foundation. So what’s the story behind Wirth and the Navy Seals Foundation?

One October day a few years ago Wirth was skydiving under less than ideal conditions when he was forced to parachute into a vineyard. His landing was treacherous and he lost his arm. This was tough for a guy who was a runner, cyclist, and triathlete, but Andy Wirth has never been known to be a quitter.

After getting his arm back and months of hardcore rehab he was able to do the things he loved once again, except this time he had the company of a group of Naby SEALS who were in Tahoe for their winter training. The friendships he created with those men has influenced Wirth to work for a great cause, the Navy Seals Foundation.

So what does the foundation do? “The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families” according to it’s website. The Navy Seals are getting a lot of help and support from Wirth and two of his team members who have called themselves the “Special Warfare Warrior Support Team,” and they have been raising money to help Navy SEALS and their families.

These highly trained soldiers spend up to 270 days per year away from their loved ones in some of the harshest environments training and running military missions. They have chosen to make incredible sacrifices for their country and the foundation is there to help them. Since 9/11 SEALS have been stressed even further, and people like Andy Wirth are doing everything in their power to make it easier on them and their families.

The Navy SEALS Foundation needs all the help it can get. Contact them today and help them as they gladly help our country.