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Attentive Pizza Worker Saves Boy

Attentive Pizza Worker Saves Boy

A Texas worker saved boy from kidknapper. An amber alert had been put out for the boy which included a detailed desciption of the small white car they fled in. The Corpus Christi pizaa worker had stepped outside to take a quick break. While on break she noticed the vehicle and remembered the amber alert.

Usually the girl would have take her break behind the restaurant. This one day she decided to take her break out front. While there the white compact homejoy pulled in. It seemed a coincidence to her, but she ignored it. Then the man got out of the vehicle and walked around the parking lot. He seemed to be paying very close attention to her.

It was when the 7 year old boy got out of the car and seemed very afraid that the whole scenario caught her attention. The two entered a dollar store and this is when the pizza worker went over and compared the license plate to the one on the amber alert. It matched, and she called authorities.

The pizza worker did comment that it was unusual for her to break in the front of the restaurant as well as have her phone with her. She stated that something just compelled her to take those actions, and now she knows why. Her actions rejoined the boy with his family and put the kidknapper behind bars. A happy ending for all.