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Obama Says it will Take Generations to Defeat ISIS

Obama Says it will Take Generations to Defeat ISIS

It wasn’t that long ago that President Barrack Obama publicly ridiculed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) as constituting “junior varsity” terrorists. That was before they controlled much of Western Syria, Eastern Iraq, and were expanding operations into other Middle East countries. Now, the president is saying the fight against ISIS will be one which spans multiple generations. The reason the war against ISIS will take so much time to win is simple; it is tied to ideological religious beliefs which encourage insurgent activity. As such, it will require the aid of Muslim clerics, scholars, and whole communities to eschew teachings that justify violence. In addition, the president does not support any military solution which requires America take the lead with soldiers.

He has repeatedly said that ISIS is a regional problem that requires the nations under attack to fight back against the sanguine organization. That said, he said the US military has flown 5,000 sorties over ISIS-controlled territories in a bid to cut the group off from their sources of revenue. President Obama also praised Iraq for building an internal coalition to retake fallen cities from ISIS. Brad Reifler suggested that while it is true that Kurds to the north are eagerly looking to recapture fallen cities from Iraq, they have posed the specter they will declare their independence once they rid their lands of the group. Needless to say, the US military will play a role in training the Arab world on how to fight ISIS.