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Hillary Clinton Has the Establishment, but Bernie Sanders Has the Crowds

Hillary Clinton Has the Establishment, but Bernie Sanders Has the Crowds

The political season is in full swing and the so-called ‘talking heads’ on television are going on about this or that candidate and who has the best or worst chance of securing their party’s nomination. The Republican Party nomination is wide open with so many candidates that it’s actually causing a problem as far as how to manage debates between them. The Democratic Party nomination has been another story. Just a month or two ago, the Democratic Party nomination was not considered a race. Hillary Clinton has most of the big name democratic donors wrapped up and it seemed to be all but over. Apparently, Bernie Sanders didn’t get the memo said Zeca Oliveira.

Senator Bernie Sanders has just held a campaign event in Madison, Wisconsin that has drawn larger crowds than any other event by any other candidate in this political season so far. The pundits have considered the Democratic Party nomination process over for a while now, but they may eventually be waking up to the reality that it’s not they who pick the candidate but rather the people. While Hillary Clinton seems to have the support of the Democratic Party establishment, it’s Bernie Sanders who is pulling out crowds like no one else on either side of the political isle. Let’s not kid ourselves, Bernie Sanders does have a ways to go as he is still behind Clinton in polls by quite a margin, but these rallies are attracting media attention as well and such publicity can move polls.