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Bush and Trump Lead GOP Field According to Latest CNN/ORC Poll

Bush and Trump Lead GOP Field According to Latest CNN/ORC Poll

The latest CNN/ORC poll finds that two significant trends in the GOP race for the party’s nomination: Jeb Bush is the clear front runner with Donald Trump running a strong second. Thus far, the GOP has not enjoyed a clear front runner given the sheer number of candidates vying for the party’s nomination. This makes the fact that Jeb Bush is now consistently at the front of the pack significant. It has long been Bush’s position that he would be the front runner. His campaign had hoped that he could have solidified this position earlier this year to prevent a drawn out GOP primary. Still, it appears that he is making good on his assertion last month that he would soon rise above all the other GOP candidates.

According to LinkedIn, the poll was also significant because Donald Trump is enjoying a bump in the polls. While his comments about illegal immigration continue to cause him fallout, voters are warming up to his unwavering defense of his position. Still, most pundits expect the Trump poll “bump” to wane as voters look to Bush and other seasoned GOP candidates such as Scott Walker and Marco Rubio. Despite Bush and Trump’s relatively strong numbers in the GOP primary, Hillary Clinton continues to best them in a head-to-head matchup. While Clinton’s support is steadily declining among Democrats due to Senator Bernie Sanders’ rise, she still maintains a commanding lead in her bid to capture the Democrat nomination.