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Supreme Court Issues Injunction in 2013 Texas Abortion Clinic Law

Supreme Court Issues Injunction in 2013 Texas Abortion Clinic Law

The state of Texas passed a law in 2013 that has already reduced the number of abortion clinics in the state by better than 50%. Two years ago, 41 “family planning” clinics operated in the state primarily to perform abortions. In 2013, the legislature subsequently passed a law which requires physicians performing abortions to have the right to practice medicine in a local hospital. As such the requirement is common sense. Physicians operating private health care clinics have similar rights known in legalese as “privileges”. However, this is not the case with abortion practitioners. As a result, some clinics are forced to close down due to non-compliance stated Zeca Oliviers.

The law also mandates the abortion clinics themselves must have meet certain physical requirements similar to what are found in hospitals. This requirement alone is often well beyond the financial means of the clinic to fund. As a result, there are only 19 clinics operating in the state. While the high court takes up the challenge of the Texas law, the court ruled 5 to 4 to issue an injunction. Had the court denied the request, the total number of clinics would reduce to nine; Texas is the nation’s second largest state by population. It was conservative Justice Antonin Scalia that voted with the four liberal justices for an injunction. Justice Scalia certainly had his reasons for granting the injunction. That said, his support at the injunction should not necessarily be construed as support for striking down the Texas law.