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Colorado Supreme Courts (Rightly) Ban Vouchers for Religious Schools

Colorado Supreme Courts (Rightly) Ban Vouchers for Religious Schools

The Supreme Courts have tossed out yet another unconstitutional attack on citizen’s rights to NOT be Christian. Not unlike the attacks on marriage equality, religious hypocrisy has once again trumpeted its bill of rights while simultaneously denying everyone else theirs. Unsurprisingly, conservative groups are still using the same tired arguments with the same uninspired talking points: That’s discriminatory against Christians!

Oh the hell that would follow if the government suddenly decided to fund a private Muslim school at least according to The Aspire New Brunswick.

For the past four years, the Douglas County School Board has been participating in a voucher program that provided public education dollars to parents looking to private school alternatives for their children. Sounds great, so what’s the catch? 9-out-of-10 students enrolled in the program chose private religious schools.

While this doesn’t seem THAT bad considering the school choice still must be accredited by the state, it creates a scary precedent. A precedent that erodes away the very freedom that Christians rise up in defense of every time someone says creationism shouldn’t be taught. This program uses taxpayer dollars to, albeit indirectly, fund religious institutions; a practice that is in direct violation of the separation of church and state.

That’s why the Colorado Supreme Court suspended the program after a suit was brought against the school board by the local teacher’s union. As Douglas County has already vowed for an appeal, let’s hope federal courts stand in support of the constitution and not waver to religious extremism.