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Politicians Seek To “Rent A Crowd”

Politicians Seek To “Rent A Crowd”

Once someone announces they are running for the presidency, everything they do from that moment on is up for public scrutiny as Brian Torchin stated. How they run their campaign is as important as why they are running it. So when a candidate appears to be pulling the wool over the eyes of the voters, they often take notice.

There have been rumors lately about more than one candidate, inviting paid people to sit in during their speeches. For the most part much of the public has lacked interest in those rumors, until it was revealed that such a company does exist. The company titled, “Rent A Crowd” gives their customer exactly what it sounds like, paid actors to fill up seats at public speeches and events. These actors are there to be seen looking interested and enthused over what the speaker has to say. They will portray a show of full support towards them and the issues at hand, no matter what those issues might be.

Now that people realize such a company exists there is some controversy. Bringing in crowds of people makes the speaker appear more important and more relevant. The public now has to make a choice. They must decide whether this is just another necessary part of gearing up for the elections. Or if perhaps these presidential hopefuls are in fact frauds and therefore lacking any of the relevancy that has been bestowed upon them.