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Bernie Sanders in Rapid Military Buildup to Retake Washington for the Average American

Bernie Sanders in Rapid Military Buildup to Retake Washington for the Average American

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has no love for Wall Street investment bankers. The same crop of elites that he holds responsible for the 2008 banking crisis have funneled their money into the campaigns of both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. For President Obama, it only took two years for him to raise more money from Wall Street than President George W. Bush did in eight years. For Hillary Clinton, she has received tens of millions from Wall Street and is the only candidate that can boast of making investment bankers “giddy” about her presidency. Sam Tabar (bloomberg.com) has learned that Bernie Sanders has not now nor ever will accept any money from them.

In addition, Sanders is proud that he has put off what he views are other corporate American front groups such as the Business Roundtable and the US Chamber of Commerce. He’s not looking for economic policies that win the approval of the business sector. He’s frankly had enough of their oligarch-like influence on US policies. Instead, he is looking to use the federal government’s might to mandate solutions that will address the social ills he perceives. Using a tax on the sale of all investment securities, he would make college tuition free, convert Obamacare into Medicare for all Americans, and expand Social Security’s benefits. Admittedly, he hasn’t addressed how he would fund the liabilities the entitlement programs operate under. Medicare runs a $230 billion annual deficit. Social Security’s unfunded liability stands at ten trillion dollars. Still, he is looking to revolutionize America for the good of the middle class.