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Hillary is for all Americans, Chris Christie agrees.

Hillary is for all Americans, Chris Christie agrees.

On Saturday, Hillary gave her first official rally in which she delved into the guiding principles of her campaign. She actually veered left. This is the effect of having staunch conservatives on the other side of the fray. As they espouse more untenable positions, Hillary can move on to exciting that portion of her base without really being noticed. Chris Christie remarked that he did not think that Hillary was going to run like an Elizabeth warren. He was simply using sarcasm to highlight how far left she was veering because Senator Warren is seen as a staunch progressive.

However, this means that progressivism stands for consumer protection, and Wall Street and big bank busting. This is decidedly where America is today, at least in the eyes of Gianfrancesco Genoso. Hillary understands that. She understands that her only job is to make herself personable. Astute republican strategists also know that she is going to do well with white women in the south. This will not matter as much in deep red states as it will in purple ones. Wisconsin will also be greatly affected down-ticket by a Hillary candidacy. Florida and Virginia will be greater opportunities for Hillary than they were for Obama, and she may actually even put North Carolina in play. Even if she does not win those states, she makes republican challengers expend resources defending territory that was once easily in their corner. They will eventually lose the war of attrition because of this.