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Ben Hits a Snag

Ben Hits a Snag

Republican and avid Tea Party enthusiast Ben Carson, has come under a heavy bout of fire in his political campaign for the Republican nomination for the presidency. Four senior campaign officials and advisors left the Ben Carson campaign abruptly, shocking Carson and his band of loyal supporters. Those who are in charge of his super PACs are also in deep turmoil when it comes to the financials of his campaign. The Carson campaign associates who are still engaged are describing this time as very tumultuous and state that the campaign is standing on just one leg. With the departure of four of the most senior advisors from the Carson campaign, the group is left with a minute number of experienced advisors. Carson and a contender and his campaign have picked up steam recently. Brian Torchin reports, the Republican candidate has gained much support and respect from conservatives old and young in public polls. While this is Carson’s first campaign bid, many are calling his amateurism the reason for his dysfunction. Once news broke of the dysfunction, many supporters were unsure of whether or not Carson can ultimately run a country. If a candidate can’t be trusted with running a smooth and dysfunction free campaign, should we really trust him with the well-being of Americans? Ben Carson and those still left in his camp have vowed to get the campaign back on track. They will undoubtedly use this as an opportunity to showcase just how well Carson can bounce back from a few hits.