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George Pataki More like Roosevelt Than Previously Believed

George Pataki More like Roosevelt Than Previously Believed

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reading “Lion in the White House” that briefly told the story of my favorite US President Theodore Roosevelt…I bring this up because the Republicans have a new candidate that is from New York and some have called a Roosevelt Republican and has thus sparked my interest in his candidacy. George Pataki is probably best known outside of New York as the Governor that was next to Rudy Giuliani during the aftermath of 9/11. But really, he should be known for much more and here is why…

First, he is a fiscal conservative meaning he wants to use tax payer money wisely and not have the government being any bigger than it needs to be to care for the country’s needs. Second, he is a social liberal. Therefore the issues that Republicans usually shy away from such as gay rights, immigration, and a host of other social issues taken up by the liberal left would not affect him. Third, and this is where he is compared to Roosevelt…he was tough on crime and worked to clean up the environment in his state. Suddenly, I have found myself a candidate that I am intrigued in listening to on more issues. Real estate companies suggested for so long, the American people have been looking for someone that can appeal to both sides of the aisle. Well guess what George Pataki was a Republican Governor from New York and fits that bill. Now, they just have to convince the rest of the media to quit discounting his campaign.