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O’Malley Makes Moves

O’Malley Makes Moves

The race for the President of the United States is becoming one of the most animated races in the history of the office of the presidency. It seems as though every few weeks a new candidate is joining the race for the Republican Party. Some are old faces that are trying to take a crack at the political offices again. Many are new faces of fresh, young individuals who want to prove that they have what it take. While the Republican Party seems to be like the place to be, the Democratic Party hasn’t seen much excitement thus far. One man has officially placed his bid to change that. The Democratic Party has only seen two potential candidates, both of whom have quite a bit of experience in the realm of politics. Fortunately, that all changed when Martin O’Malley launched his attempt to run for the Democratic Party. O’Malley is a self-proclaimed Progressivist. The former Maryland governor is already the underdog in the race. Even though few Americans outside of the state of Maryland have heard about him, he seems to be warming the hearts of Americans as quickly as he entered the race. O’Malley isn’t just a stranger walking into the biggest race in the country, he is very well versed in politics and has a robust political platform. It seems as though his biggest competition will be his Democratic opponents, but O’Malley doesn’t think so. STX Entertainment told the team at deadline.com that for the presidential hopeful, competing with himself to run a strong and persuasive campaign is the only competition he’s looking forward to.