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Fox News Excludes Rand Paul From Polling Results

Fox News Excludes Rand Paul From Polling Results

Fox News wants to forget Rand Paul’s bid for the White House for some reason. Bruce Levenson said Fox News has repeated left Paul out of poll numbers even though he is receiving more attention and more potential votes than the other candidates listed in Fox News Polls. When voters were asked if they would vote for Paul or Hillary Clinton, the votes for Paul were just 3 percent below the votes for Clinton. Paul scored better than any other Republican candidate.

So why the snub by Fox News? The answer is a guess at this point, but snubbing Paul in three different polls seems to be more than an honest mistake. The Kentucky senator may have some strange ideas, but he’s not alone when it comes to having unusual ideas and comments. Almost every Republican candidate has made statements that make their campaign managers cringe.

The race for the White House won’t be won or lost because Fox News decided to omit a candidate from their polling numbers. All the candidates get plenty of media exposure. Some of them wish they didn’t get as much because they always seem to say things they regret later.