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George Pataki to Launch a Presidential Bid?

George Pataki to Launch a Presidential Bid?

In politics, one year is a lifetime. Now try to resurrect a political career after nearly ten years of being out of the public spotlight. Such will be the case if former New York Governor George Pataki mounts a bid for the 2016 GOP nomination. That said, it appears to be certainty. Governor Pataki is expected to formally announce his candidacy on Thursday. So what does the former governor cite as his major qualification for higher office? His environmental record.

Pataki believes that he is a modern day Teddy Roosevelt. Like the former New York governor, he is a strong advocate of conservationism and business leaders. Interestingly, voters are overwhelmingly concerned with jobs and stagnant wages. It is the success of GOP governors in dealing with economics in the Obama economy that gives prospective candidates such as Ohio Governor John Kasich and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a major inroad with voters. It is unclear how Pataki would sway voters such as the GOP’s conservative base with a platform of environmental policies.

Still, Pataki hopes to perform well in the New Hampshire primary. The first in the nation primary does have a history of backing moderate candidates. If Pataki can build momentum by a strong showing in the state, voters may be inclined to give his candidacy a serious look. Pataki won the governorship in 1994 during the GOP revolution by unseating the popular incumbent governor Mario Cuomo. However, Pataki’s views were seen as moderate by GOP standards.