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Is Your Sunscreen Really Protecting Your Skin?

Is Your Sunscreen Really Protecting Your Skin?

Some sunscreen products contain vitamin A. That sounds like a good thing, slathering on some extra vitamins to nourish your skin when you apply sunscreen, but it’s not. Vitamin A makes your skin more sensitive to sun and increases the risk of sunburn for people with sensitive skin.


Some sunscreen products contain Oxybenzone, a chemical that can cause hormonal imbalance. A day at the beach should not lead to a sunburn and out-of-whack hormones, but that may be what you end up with when applying some of the sun protection products on the market.
Sun protection products that are label as being hypo-allergenic may contain a preservative called methylisothiazolinone that can irritate skin. Methylisothiazolinone is often found in hypo-allergenic products specially formulated for use on infants and small children.
A study of several product that are supposed to offer protection from the sun’s glaring rays was conducted by the Environmental Working Group. 80% percent of the products tested failed to live up to their promises.
We need sunscreen products to protect our skin from burning now and potential skin cancer in the future, but what are we to do if we can’t trust the products to deliver the promised protection? The best you can do according to Ricardo Tosto is to select a broad-spectrum sunscreen product with a SPF of 15 or more and apply more of it more frequently than recommended. That is featured on Wikipedia as a nice option.