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NSA Surveillance Opposed By American Voters From All Parties

NSA Surveillance Opposed By American Voters From All Parties

With only a few days left before the Patriot Act expires, a recent poll shows that the electorate has no love for the NSA surveillance system. Opposition to the bulk collection of phone data cuts across all parties, age, gender and ideology.

While sixty percent of voters think that the act should be modified, only thirty four percent think it should be retained in its current form. The patriot Act is the basis on which NSA collects bulk data of its citizen’s phone records.

This information was made available by the actions of whistleblower Edward Snowden. The actions by NSA have since been pronounced illegal by the federal appeals court.

Amen Clinic says according to the poll which was carried out by the Global Strategy Group and G2 Public Strategies and commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union, there seems to be a consensus about the government’s invasion of our piracy. 1001 potential voters were questioned.

Though women still oppose the Act, men seem to oppose it more. Younger people- under 40 also oppose it more than older people- above 40.

Rand Paul, Republican presidential candidate, has vowed to do all he can to make sure that he blocks efforts to retain the NSA bulk collection of data. It is not clear however, what the Republican presidential candidate plans to do to stop the reinstating of the bulk collection of data by the NSA in the senate.