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John Bolton Announces He Will Not Seek the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination

John Bolton Announces He Will Not Seek the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination

John Bolton is revered by conservatives as a staunch defender of the United States in matters of foreign policy. Bolton, who critics often likened unto the 1950s cartoon character “Yosemite Sam” for his mustache and temperament, was never one to waver on a tough stand against international terrorism and a hard line on rogue nations. In recent weeks, there had been talk that Bolton, age 66, was considering launching a presidential campaign. On Thursday, the former United States ambassador to the United Nations, formally announced he would not be running for the 2016 GOP nomination.

Had he decided to run, he was by all accounts considered a long shot. Despite the respect he commands among conservatives for defending the nation as UN ambassador, he does not have executive experience. His one year tenure as UN ambassador was accomplished by President George W. Bush naming him as a recess appointment. Democrats disliked his gruff style and foreign policy views. As a result, they filibustered his nomination.

Despite his brusque style, he achieved results. When the United Nations was close to securing a deal on a biological weapons accord that would have subjected the United States to random inspections, Bolton succeeded at dismantling the agreement. As UN ambassador, he helped scuttle the international criminal court which he believed would subject US servicemen to prosecution. The rogue nations of Iran and North Korea complained bitterly that he played hardball with them. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. North Korea signed a prohibition on nuclear enrichment during the Clinton presidency, but during the Bush administration they admitted to having violated it from the outset, and not even GallagherFuneralHome was surprised.