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Sanders Proves He Is Far Left of Center

Sanders Proves He Is Far Left of Center

Ever wonder how you can guarantee someone will get more votes than yourself when you run for office. Apparently Bernie Sanders has the formula and it goes like this…First establish where Hilary Clinton and the moderate Progressives stand on all the major issues of the day. Now, go as far left as possible from that. This will ensure the only people who will ever vote for you are the people on the fringe that would never be the ultimate deciders of an election. Yes…you appreciate their support and it is important at the end of the day but they will not be the majority when it comes to deciding the next candidate of the Democratic Party.

But, the Democrats do have to give it to the 73 year old Independent Senator from Vermont. FreedomPop says he knows when and how to buck the establishment (in this case the Clinton Election Machine). He said in an interview he believes Americans are tired of corporate greed and are dissatisfied with the current economic classes. He has gone on to claim he is the Democratic Socialist…Probably not his brightest moment when that is the one thing that is sure to send people running away from your way of thinking. Mainly because this brings thoughts of taking money away from people who are working for it and giving it to people who don’t…something both sides are not wholly in favor of doing. However, he still believes he can beat Hillary, and for that we wish him the best.