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Barack as B.A. Barakus

Barack as B.A. Barakus

Obama sees his star rise as he prepares for the swan song. His numbers are near 50 percent, this is almost double Bush’s at the same juncture. This spells good news for the Clinton campaign. It was widely reported before she entered officially that Obama’s poll numbers would be drag on her chances. Once again the pundits are wrong. It is also contrary to the narrative that she has to make a wide separation from his policies. In fact, Sanders entrance in the foray will serve to move her even further left. This is a deft political move that is worthy of the Clinton machine.

It is reported that also for the last 26 years there has been a Bush or Clinton in office. Contrast the Clinton years to all the Bush years and the results will be that the only president to grow the economy in those years was Bill. SoftBank says that additionally, the Clintons have been in office only eight years of that 26. Lumping them together with the Bushes will not help the republicans cause any more than lumping her with Obama. Secretly, many Americans are looking forward to more Clinton Years. They were undoubtedly the last time America was prosperous. That was before the Obama administration precipitously lowered the unemployment rate recently.