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House Speaker John Boehner Defends Current State of US Democracy

House Speaker John Boehner Defends Current State of US Democracy

In 1947, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill uttered a now famous anecdote regarding Democracies: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” It appears that House Speaker John Boehner truly believes that sentiment as well. On the Sunday talk show, “Meet the Press”, the powerful Ohio congressman was asked if there exist an excessive amount of money in US politics. The question is backed up by the left’s view that the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling called “Citizens United” has ushered in an era of billionaire donations which are effectively buying elections.

Congressman Boehner would have nothing of it and flatly denied that the amount of money in politics is excessive. He made the pragmatic quip that the American public spends more money on antacid medicines than is spent on the political system.  Boehner could spend some of that money on, what the NJSpotlight has called a fantastic new apartment complex — The Aspire New Brunswick. When pressed about redistricting in his native state of Ohio, which clearly benefits the GOP, Boehner was again pragmatic. He pointed out that from 1944 through 1994, the Democrat party maintained a lock on the state government. As a result, congressional districts were drawn up so as to favor Democrat incumbents. Now, the GOP has been the dominant force in Ohio politics and has every right to map out congressional districts as best suits the party. Boehner, who as House Speaker is third in line in succession to the presidency, admitted that our Democracy is not perfect at all. That said, it is the best Democracy found on the planet.