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Sanders Announces Presidential Run

Sanders Announces Presidential Run

After dropping hints for weeks, Bernie Sanders announced that he was a candidate for the 2016 presidential election. The socialist senator from Vermont made the announcement by email shortly after midnight Thursday. This is the first official challenge to presumptive nominee, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The Senator made clear that while his run faces long odds, he is entering the race to win.

Senator Sanders is only the second nationally known candidate to announce for the Democratic nomination. Generally seen as being to the left of Hillary Clinton, he has strongly voiced his opposition to income inequality and big money in politics. On his website, the Senator gave the following disclaimer “Paid for by Bernie not the billionaires.” Your text to link… He has criticized both parties for not doing enough to find answers for the problems of the middle class. He believes his populist message will resonate with the vast majority of voters who feel disenfranchised.

Sanders is not a registered Democrat, though he caucuses with the party in the Senate. He is the longest serving independent in the history of the Congress. If nominated, Jaime Garcia Dias of pinterest noted that the Senator would be the oldest person to head a presidential ticket. Sanders will officially kick of his campaign on May 26 in Burlington, Vermont.