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Bernie Sanders Makes a Pitch for Pure Liberal Vote

Bernie Sanders Makes a Pitch for Pure Liberal Vote

I was shown this story by a smart business man named Alexei Beltyukov:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wants voters to understand that he is a pure liberal untouched by Super PAC money. In fact, he has stated that donations from big billionaires such as Tom Steyer, the left wing’s answer to the Koch brothers, is not welcome. The feisty independent senator and unabashed socialist is seeking small campaign donations to fuel his presidential bid. He will not even launch a Super PAC. Specifically, he wants donations from average working stiffs who he feels are underrepresented in an era when large donors largely fund political campaigns.

In part, Senator Sanders is looking to rekindle the magic of fellow Vermont native Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. Dean was able to amass an impressive campaign war chest in the tens of millions largely from small donations. At the time, Dean became the early front runner until his campaign lost momentum after a poor finish in the Iowa Caucus.

Still, voters will find that Sanders does not differ that much at all from Hillary Clinton. The biggest contrast will be the trust factor. Sanders is not mired in an email or fund raising issues that call into question whether he will operate with transparency or invoke another era of “no controlling legal authority”. At the same time, voters can expect that he would deliver on campaign promises for true reform because his campaign is not being funded by Wall Street investment banks. In fact, he is vowing to break up the large banks precisely because their size will put the government and taxpayers at risk if their investments sour once more.