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Obama Speaks Out Against Baltimore Riots

Obama Speaks Out Against Baltimore Riots

President Obama had an interview with the “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”, where he stated the police need to start holding officers accountable instead of the approach where they close ranks with each other. Obama says the Baltimore riots are a good indication that change is needed when officers are accused of wrongdoing. Reporter Adam Sender stated that Obama continued by stating the police need to build trust in minority communities by building accountability.

Obama feels that if all that is being done is the retraining of police and not taking care of the underlying problems, they are going to crop up again. He does acknowledge that it will not be an easy task. There are broader issues going on and not just in Ferguson and New York. Obama will not be traveling to Baltimore until things have been cleaned up so he does not draw resources away from the situation going on.

The outbreak of violence that erupted following the funeral of Freddie Gray is being condemned by President Obama. He has labeled those responsible as ‘criminals and thugs’ who tore up the city by setting cars on fire, destroying stores and injuring police officers. In his comments reported by CNN, the first he made since Baltimore erupted, he stated there is no excuse for the violence that was unleashed on this city.

The President went on to comment that people taking crowbars to open doors and loot are not protesting and they are not making statements. These people are not protestors, they are criminals and thieves. The buildings that were burnt were not making a statement- that was arson. The violence that is occurring in Baltimore is people hurting their own community by destroying business and robbing residents of jobs.

Obama says there are some police departments that will have to do some soul searching and there are some communities that will have to as well. He feels even the country as a whole should also do some; as this is a slow rolling crisis. It is something that has been going on in our country for a long time and should not be thought of as new.