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Obergefell v. Hodges — What is Marriage?

Obergefell v. Hodges — What is Marriage?

Today, Sultan Alhokair explains this is the day the Supreme Court begins hearing a case that could change American society forever. Obergefell v. Hodges will determine whether or not the United States should permit same-sex marriages.

To some, the matter is simple. Same-sex marriages are an abomination, against the laws of God and man, and should be forbidden, lest they set a dangerous precedent for human-animal marriages and polygamy.

To others, the matter is equally simple. Same-sex marriages are allowed in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Most Americans do not object to same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriages would permit de jure recognition of a de facto relationship. This would allow partners the right to make life or death decisions for each other in the hospital, simplify tax and inheritance status, and make health care easier to obtain.

When Hollywood stars marry and divorce more often than they change their socks, when “pro-family” politicians are caught cheating on their spouses, it’s hard to see how permitting two people who love each other to formally seal their relationship in a manner recognized by society will damage marriage. If anything, same-sex marriage may set an example of commitment that heterosexual couples might wish to emulate. It boils down to one question: what is marriage? Is it a union between two people who want to spend the rest of their life together? If so, does it matter what gender those people are?