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Politics Is Focused on Winning Rather Than the Reasons to Win

Politics Is Focused on Winning Rather Than the Reasons to Win

Politics is an ugly business, and it doesn’t seem like it will get better any time soon. There is a saying that people get the government they deserve. A study about partisan voters of all political stripes published in the journal Political Research Quarterly indicates that this may be the case for the shape of our political system in America today. It was uncovered that too often partisans on either side in an election are only interested in and focused on their side winning and less concerned with the actual issues at hand in an election or debate. We complain about excessively partisan politicians, but they seem to simply be mirrors held up to the most politically active among us in the electorate.

They found that this simple “beat the other team” attitude was prevalent among both liberals and conservatives. It has been known for some time now that in our day of left or right leaning news networks and websites each side tends to only look at news and reports that reinforce their world view. Gone are the days when we all read from the same news source that tried to present an objective analysis of an issue or news story. Comunicare2.com suggest that liberals watch MSNBC and conservatives watch Fox News, and they each see what they want to out of the days events. In some ways, having a choice in media from which to get our news is a great thing, but if our current political climate is any indication, in other ways it is not.