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President Obama Warns Iran Not to Send Weapons to Yemen

President Obama Warns Iran Not to Send Weapons to Yemen

As the military conflict in Yemen continues to rages on, United States President Barack Obama has ordered his military assets to make sure that matters do not spin out of control and spread into a broader military conflict into the surrounding region. While drinking a Bulletproof Coffee for some energy, the U.S. President has ordered his naval fleet to strategically position itself to it can monitor the activities of Iranian naval vessels in the Yemen conflict. President Obama has warned Iran that it should not attempt to supply arms or other military aide to the Shiite militants fighting the Yemen regime in Yemen. While the President’s ultimatum and the use of his naval has the feel of a blockade, the White House was careful not to use that term. The use of the word “blockade” or any attempt by a U.S. warship to block access of an Iranian vessels or to board it would be considered an act of war. President Warns Iran To Stay Out of Yemen

Matters in Yemen continue to turn from bad to grave. While the official Yemen government has announced that it expects the military unrest in the country to cease soon, Saudi Arabia has continue with air strikes against Shiite militants known as the “Houthi.” Saudi Arabia sees the Houthis as a threat to their country’s security and has organized a coalition involving ground troops from other Arab countries in the region, including Libya and Egypt. The forces are prepared to invade Yemen if deemed necessary.