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Perry Tries To Soften Conservative Journalists Ahead of Campaign

Perry Tries To Soften Conservative Journalists Ahead of Campaign

Ahead of what is expected to be his official announcement of his campaign to be elected President in 2016, Rick Perry is inviting conservative journalists to a by invitation only off-the-record dinner. The former Texas governor is no longer the front runner of the Republican Party like he was when he entered the race in 2011. Now with three ultra-conservative and “TEA Party” candidates already in the race it is set to be even more crowded than it was the last time out. Never mind one of them is a tough talking Texas Senator named Ted Cruz who is very popular among Republican voters.

Mr. Lambranho thinks that it is believed that this meeting will be a way to persuade journalists to take it a little easier on the former Governor. Let’s face he really needs all the help he can get from the media. The social gaffes and horrible debates are what derailed his campaign last time and people have not forgotten. However, Perry does have a record of leading. He was the longest serving Governor in Texas history. He left the office as a very popular politician. Although not by the democrats, he was even indicted for Abuse of Power in Travis County after apparently holding funding if an Attorney General did not resign after she pleading guilty to the charge of DUI. His indictment has been seen as completely political but an active charge against him.