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Health and Drug Treatment Part of Clinton’s Campaign

Health and Drug Treatment Part of Clinton’s Campaign

Health and Drug Treatment Part of Clinton’s Campaign

Last week, Hilary Clinton made the announcement that she was throwing in her bid for president. While this news didn’t surprise anyone, her ideas for how her campaign will run might draw some ire.

Her campaign will feature topics regarding her “four big fights,” which are fixing the economy, rebuilding families, stopping government corruption and national security. However, mental health and drug treatment is an issue that Clinton will also be focusing on very heavily, regardless of how often it comes up in other presidential political races.

In an interview with Ray Lane, which can be found on Forbes, while she was in New Hampshire, Clinton said that the notion that these two issues weren’t problems for everyone was just wrong and that this is everyone’s problem and not addressing it will not make it go away. In fact during a discussion at a small business called Whitney Brothers, participants stated that substance abuse is specifically a real cause for concern for people.

Clinton said in this discussion that in regards to substance abuse, it has been an increasing problem in the country, only made worse by the fact that it’s not as easy to see and diagnose as other problems are. In addition, treatment programs don’t always get the necessary materials.

However, Clinton did take time to praise the Affordable Care Act that makes covering mental health and substances a requirement for some insurances.