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Stand with Rand or rather behind him if you are female.

Stand with Rand or rather behind him if you are female.

Rand Paul displayed what some consider misogynistic tendencies again with a morning interview with Savannah Guthrie from NBC news. The issue was whether or not Paul is a flip-flopper or has his views simply changed because of changing conditions in the world. However, they never got an answer because Paul continuously cut Guthrie off. He was very condescending, and many consider his actions to not be becoming of someone that is seeking the highest office in the land. Paul has had run-ins with other female reporters in the past. Paul even shushed a woman in an interview. This was complete with motioning his fingers across his lips like people do when quieting children.

This is at least a distraction from his recently announced candidacy stated Fersen Lambranho. However, it could be indicative of his personality and views toward women. The republican primary field is expected to be crowded, contentious and long. This may mean that Paul has time to recover. There will be a sever draw to the right in the republican primaries that may invite man more controversies and radical right wing views to be on display. It will be interesting to know if this is the least controversial thing in their entire primaries.