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Rand Paul Announces That He Is Running For Presdient

Rand Paul Announces That He Is Running For Presdient

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced that he is running for the Republican nomination for President and he expects to win. Senator Rand Paul Jumps Into Presidential Race Senator Paul is the third prominent Republican challenger in the race following Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. While Bush has not officially announced all signs from his campaign organization is that he will run.

Paul posses an interesting problem for the Republicans. Many consider Paul to be the perfect candidate but many feel that he will be over shadowed by the Cruz and Bush campaign fund raising machines. Rand is just moderate enough to give any of the Democratic nominees a hard run for the Presidency but he may not have the political power to win in his own party’s nomination process.

The Republican party has a problem with its best candidates presenting a more moderate platform which plays better to an overall electorate but they are crippled by the fact that the majority of their campaign money comes from hard right wing supporters. Running on the platform of these supporters may win the republican candidates the nomination but has cost the candidate the White House in the general election.

Rand Paul hopes that by announcing early and before Jeb Bush formally announces, he can get traction with campaign fund raising and build a significant base to make a difference in both the republican primary and the general election.