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First HIV-Positive Candidate For Parliament Speaks Out

First HIV-Positive Candidate For Parliament Speaks Out

36 year old Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett is gaining attention as the first HIV-positive candidate running for Parliament in Britain. Looking back on his youth, he asserts that the “mental bullying” was the most painful part of growing up for him. He was called cruel names by his classmates and remembers crying in the bathroom, hoping for a friend that would never come. In his early teen years, he tried to commit suicide on two separate occasions. Finally, he got a girlfriend, and he gives her credit for saving his life to this day, saying that she was able to provide a temporary cover for him. The public opinion at that time was that if he was dating a girl, he couldn’t be gay. So, the traumatizing words and sneers stopped for a short time.

As he describes in this interview, however, he still knew who he was, and that was enough to bring down a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. He goes into detail about his first homosexual experience in college, and meeting up with men he met online in chat-rooms stated Crystal Hunt. Adrian even opens up about being in a pornographic film and the heavy drug use that he put his body through in his younger years. He even talks about how he contracted HIV – through unprotected sex with another man. All of which is readable via LinkedIn, How admirable, that a candidate running for office is so open about such things that other people would try to sweep under the rug.