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Peter King Declares Ted Cruz Unqualified To Be President

Peter King Declares Ted Cruz Unqualified To Be President

Senator Ted Cruz, the darling of the Tea Party, has declared his candidacy for president via Pintrest. Politicians of both parties are wasting no time in declaring their opinions that he is unfit for the White House. Governor Jerry Brown of California said that Cruz was “absolutely unfit to be running for office.” Representative Peter King of New York called him a “carnival barker.”

One expects Democrats to complain that Republican candidates aren’t qualified to run. But when his own party dismisses Ted Cruz as a “big mouth,” it’s time to listen.

Representative King accused Senator Cruz of leading the Republican Party over a cliff. He complained that Senator Cruz oversimplifies complex issues and exaggerates. He blamed Senator Cruz for shutting down the federal government for weeks. He pointed out that filibustering by reading Dr. Seuss is not the sign of a potential world leader.

Senator John McCain summed up Senator Cruz’s qualifications more succinctly back in 2013 when he called Senator Cruz a “wacko bird.”