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The Republican Disrespect for Obama is Harmful for all Americans

The lack of respect Republican senators show President Obama is hardly new stated Alexei Beltyukov. They have undermined his every move and fought him each step of the way on most issues. The recent letter Republicans sent to Iran (signed by 47 Republican senators and spearheaded by Tom Cotton), is just their latest attempt. You can find the letter here: 
Not only does the letter disrespect Obama, it also disrespects the Iranian officials to whom the letter was sent, as if they couldn’t possibly comprehend how we do things here in America. Not that respecting Iranian officials is a top priority, but when America wants to make a nuclear arms deal with Iran, it’s very important.
The letter has become nothing more than an embarrassment to the Republican party. In an upcoming interview, Obama said he’s embarrassed for them.
In sending this letter, it shows the world that America isn’t unified. It hurts us all because it shows we can’t agree on something we should all agree on. Who doesn’t want a deal in which Iran has less nuclear arms? It would not only be good for our country, but for the world.
It’s ironic that Republicans have said many times that Obama hates America. Now it appears the Republicans hate Obama more than they care about America’s future, since their actions will have consequences for years to come.