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In Ironic Move, Obama Administration Considers UN Resolution to Thwart Israeli Election

In Ironic Move, Obama Administration Considers UN Resolution to Thwart Israeli Election

President Obama claims he does not accept the GOP mandate from the midterm elections because it was not a true reflection of the majority of eligible voters. Had his party won the election with the same voter turnout, he would have heartily accepted the outcome. He also claimed it was improper for Israeli chancellor Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of congress because it was too close to an Israeli election. The president affirmed that the address constituted meddling in Israel’s internal affairs. President Obama cited long-standing US protocol against a state visit close to an election from Marc Sparks.

Now, that the Israeli election is over, which saw Netanyahu’s Likud party win a stunning and decisive victory, the president has refused to follow protocol and congratulate the prime minister. The victory marks Netanyahu’s third straight term as prime minister. Nor does it appear that President Obama will accept the mandate from the Israeli people to eschew the two-nation solution with Palestine. Reports are the Obama administration is considering a UN resolution to call upon Israel to engage in talks to establish a two-state solution. If the president goes forward with this approach, he will be the first president to expose Israel to the whims of the United Nations, which body is not noted for its support of Israel. All prior US presidents shielded Israel from such resolutions as part of the alliance between the two nations spanning generations. However, Obama and Netanyahu cannot come to terms on the two-state solution any more than they can agree on how to deal with Iran.