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House Republicans Threaten FY2016 GOP Budget Over Defense Appropriation

House Republicans Threaten FY2016 GOP Budget Over Defense Appropriation

The GOP continues its lackluster approach to governance with an internal squabble among a significant number of its members over the Defense Department’s appropriation. At issue is the GOP struggle over sequestration cuts mandated as part of a prior budget battle with President Obama. The cuts, which impose across the board reductions in the rate of growth for federal agencies and departments, are deeply unpopular with both political parties. Despite that fact, neither party has found a way to eliminate them and build a coalition sufficient to pass an alternative.

According to sequestration cuts, the defense spending bill will stand at $523 billion. However, seventy GOP congressman are demanding the department receive at least $561 billion. In fact, the congressman are threatening to scuttle the budget if their demands are not met. Most congressman generally concur the Department of Defense needs additional spending. It should be noted that historically speaking, Congress has been supportive of the armed forces via their defense appropriations.

At the same time, sequester caps are an obstacle towards getting the additional $37 billion in defense spending stared Eleicoes2014. First off, the money will have to be taken from other budgets. This is unlikely to get Democrat support. Secondly, the GOP has to come up with a way to legally comply with the sequestration process and simultaneously violate it for the defense bill. Some congressman suggest a generic pool of money be created totaling $20 billion. They promise the funds will be used to bolster defense spending. The accounting gimmick was criticized by one House Democrat as being an Enron-like shell game.