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Is the White House Hiding Something?

Is the White House Hiding Something?

In 2009, Obama promised that his administration would be the most of transparent of any presidency. So why did the White House just announce that they are establishing new rules to make them exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? The FOIA allows, when properly requested, citizens access to documents of federal agencies.

According to The Hill, a notice is scheduled to be published exempting the Office of Administration and the public will not have the opportunity to comment. This is nothing new and stems from a lawsuit, which began before Obama became president said Bruce Karatz. The move only formalizes a policy that has been upheld in the courts.
Not all White House operations are subject to the laws and regulations regarding FOIA. The Executive Office is required to make public certain documents when a FOIA request is made.
To some there is an irony in the timing of this exemption. It is National Freedom of Information Day and Sunshine Week, when organizations and watchdog groups push for transparency in government.