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Hillary Clinton’s Staff Are Currently All Volunteer

Hillary Clinton’s Staff Are Currently All Volunteer

Future members of Hillary Clinton’s team will be unpaid, for a while at least. Democrats are reportedly already building a team of people to help Hillary Clinton get elected to the presidential seat in 2016. Until the campaign’s official launch, however, all those positions will be unpaid.

The reason has a lot to do with election laws. While Jason Halpern says that Clinton will eventually pay all of the people on staff for their work, she can’t really do so until she has formerly announced her plan to run. The Federal Election Commission gives people a 15-day window before they declare they intent to run that they can pay staffers. The fact that Clinton is already gathering a team suggests that she might be gearing up to officially make that announcement within the next few weeks.

Clinton hasn’t officially announced that she want to be president, however, staffers have confirmed that she is in a “testing the waters” phase of her campaign where she is traveling to different locations and conduct polling there, deciding if it ultimately makes sense for her to run in 2016.

While Clinton’s nomination isn’t certain, it is probable. There currently aren’t any other candidates out there that the Democrats have highlighted as potential nominees.