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Oklahoma Legislator Proposes A Controversial Amendment

Oklahoma Legislator Proposes A Controversial Amendment

There must be something in the bottled water that legislators drink in Oklahoma. Several state lawmakers have an aversion to accepting people’s basic rights. Oklahoma legislators have always been a God-fearing bunch of hat-wearing, bull riding do-gooders, but they seem to be taking their narrow-minded thinking too far.

State Representation Chuck Strohm recently introduced House Bill 1371. That bill, if passed, would create the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act. The bill says businesses can refuse to participate in any service or ceremony that conflicts with their religious beliefs. In essence, About.me reports that the bill is giving businesses an out when it comes to dealing with same-sex partners.

Representative. Emily Virgin’s amendment spells out the specifics of the bill. As long as businesses post in advance what sort of behavior conflicts with their religious beliefs then the bill makes sense. Virgin’s amendment makes it clear that same-sex relationships, gender identity and race are all causes to discriminate as long as businesses don’t hide their bigotry. Give people notice that certain behavior is not welcome.

The people of Oklahoma have a lot of work to do when it comes to accepting the basic principles of the constitution. Some lawmakers in the state want to bring their religion into state decision-making, and that just doesn’t work.