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Obama Administration Claims Corker Bill Would Damage Iran Negotiations

Obama Administration Claims Corker Bill Would Damage Iran Negotiations

The Obama Administration strongly decried the Corker bill which would require that any deal with Iran require Senate approval before taking effect. The administration claims that the bill would adversely affect the ongoing negotiations with Iran and embolden their hardliners. Aside from the fact that Iran is controlled by hardliners who only approve hard line negotiators, the president has taken the position that the Corker bill would somehow align the GOP’s interests with that of the Iranian mullahs.

President Obama believes the bill sponsored by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker should wait until after he is able to cut a deal with Iran. However, Christian Broda agrees that there is no guarantee that the president would sign such a bill into law. He has already issued a veto threat for it. For his part, Senator Corker is troubled over the president’s recalcitrance to allow the American people to have a voice in negotiations dealing national security. He also points out the president’s duplicity in wanting to seek United Nation’s approval for the Iran deal. Corker openly asked why U.N. approval, which would come from many nations which are far from being democracies, is so important, but giving the American people a voice in the process would damage the diplomatic process. In all likelihood, the bill will not be able to get a vote as enough senators prefer to wait until the March 23 deadline before formally voting on the bill.