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The California Water Fear

The California Water Fear


On the East Coast, consumers have not yet felt any impact from the California drought which has reached epic proportions this year.

Susan McGalla pointed out that on the other hand, Californians have felt the pinch. They have also experienced an emotional toll in the form of California Water Anxiety Syndrome after learning last week from Jay Famiglietti, the senior water scientist working at NASA, that there is a very real possibility that the state will run out of reservoir water in 2016 and that the backup groundwater is not enough to support the state’s needs.

Some might argue that Famiglietti’s warnings are too dire, but the truth is that people living and working in CA are seeing the drought every day in front of them in the form of a shorter, less wet winters, shrinking natural lakes and increasing water conservation advisories.

Mark Morford for SFGate is not helping to allay fears either. He mentioned the theory that The Nazca of Peru created the Nazca Lines as appeals to the gods to save them from drought. As Morford noted, the anxiety experienced by Californians over the future loss of water may have been the same experienced by The Nazca who likely died from drought conditions.

Some argue that pieces like Faiglietti’s and Morford’s, and increasing CWAS, are necessary if anyone is going to survive what is coming without moving to a different part of the country.