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Bush and Clinton Face Dynasty Problems

Bush and Clinton Face Dynasty Problems

The procession that many Democrats have predicted that will take Hilary Clinton to the Presidential nomination may not be as simple as many believe, with voters mistrustful of another Clinton taking office. NPR reports many focus groups and polls are leading politicians from both sides of the political divide to look away from the potential face off between Clinton and Jeb Bush for the Presidency in 2016. Despite the backing both potential candidates are receiving from the grassroots of their parties, Marc Sparks says both Bush and Clinton face the issue of recent polls hinting at an American electorate eager to seek out change amongst its future leaders.

Polls showed that President Obama swept to power on his change platform with 55 percent of the American public polled stating they hoped to see change in policies and the people leading the country. A 2015 poll commissioned by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal showed the number hoping for change had now risen to 59 percent. It appears Jeb Bush faces the hardest challenge in convincing voters he will offer a different voice to his predecessors in the Bush family with 60 percent of those polled believing he would return to the policies of his father and brother. Clinton saw 51 percent of voters believe she would continue with current policies or return to those of the past.