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Pope Francis Wants To Get Rid Of Big Donors And Lobbyist

Pope Francis Wants To Get Rid Of Big Donors And Lobbyist

Pope Francis Wants Transparency In Politics

What would politics look like if all the big donors and lobbyists were silenced by law? What would elections look like if religious leaders were put in that same sinking ship? Pope Francis thinks transparency in politics is essential to all democracies. Big money and influence distorts elections and ruins political leadership. People can’t lead if they owe their allegiance to a group with specific political needs. The needs of the big donors come before the people every time.

The Pope’s message is important in this age of greed. Jason Halpern knows that money and power control democracies and eventually those democracies are run by groups of people with those same interests. The Pope said it this way; “A candidate must present himself to society with a clear, well thought-out election platform.” What he means is, candidates should follow their inner voice or heart, not their quest for money or political agendas.

Honesty has been replaced by complacency in politics. Some say politics and honesty are strange bedfellows, and by the look of the U.S. Congress that is a true statement. We have the right to be heard at the same level as a big money donor or a lobbyist. In fact, our voice should be louder because it comes from a place of need. The need to be honest with one’s self.