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GOP Fighting Back Criticism Over Their Letter to Iran

GOP Fighting Back Criticism Over Their Letter to Iran

It appears the GOP has yet again miscalculated the support they have in regards to opposing President Obama’s looming deal with Iran. While the GOP is not denying it is the right of the president to negotiate with Iran, the party is visibly concerned that the aggressive liberal policies the president enacts will in fact pave a pathway for Iran to become a nuclear power. The party does not see this a matter of mere political difference, but one of grave national security concerns. To that extent, GOP senators drafted a letter admonishing Iran in regards to any nuclear weapon aspirations they may harbor or seek to safeguard in the forthcoming deal.

The problem is the GOP is powerless to control the diplomatic process stated forbes magazine. While it is true the president has not consulted with congress on the matter, they cannot force him to negotiate for a better deal. President Obama has sought to ridicule the GOP for the unprecedented letter. A slow but growing number of GOP party members are begrudgingly admitting Senate GOP really has no role to play in the negotiation process. As such, the partly likely overstepped its bounds by sending Iran the letter. At the same time, Senator John McCain is adamant the letter will not cost them support for a bill requiring fast-track authority on the Iran nuclear deal. Though not one Democrat senator signed the letter, McCain believes the larger issue of preventing Iran’s nuclear ambitions will prevail.